Unit 1

Our first task within unit 1 was to create a variety of online accounts so we could share our created media as we progressed through the course. The only account that I didn’t have previously was Flickr, I looked forward to using this for the first time.

Before starting the DS106 course I watched the inspirational video provided to us. I found this lecture very suitable and relatable as I look to pursue a career in the creative arts. The part that grabbed me the most out of this clip was when the lecturer was discussing his friends around him, who chose a different career path to himself. He stated how his friends were miserable as they now couldn’t do what they wanted to do in life as they had to pay the bills. I found this particularly thought-provoking as this was the exact ‘mould’ I want to avoid in life. This is why I have chosen to chase a career in media, to work for enjoyment, not simply to ‘survive’. I feel like this video motivated me greatly.

Moving on through the course we were asked the question, ‘What is Art? Before watching the video provided I asked myself what I thought Art meant to me. I felt like Art was normally an object, something that may be in a gallery, a sculpture, drawing or painting for example. I thought Art was created by specialists and the best Art sold for a lot of money. However after watching Botstein explore this question I couldn’t help but look at Art in a different way. It made me question whether it was indeed created by specialists and I questioned how much art existed in my everyday life. Botstein states that Art requires ‘human interaction’. Did this mean everything we participate in and personalise can be defined as Art? What about our choice of clothing? The way we present a meal? How we design our homes? After pondering these questions I came to the conclusion that Art is impossible to define. It means something different to everyone, a subject that will always divide opinion.

Finally I watched Kelly Anderson’s lecture on disruptive wonder for change. I thought about how Anderson’s idea of creative media compared to my own. Anderson argues that the world is full of order, that doesn’t necessarily deserve our respect. She states when we realise this we will then become creative people. I agree with this opinion strongly. Why should we take everything we see and hear in media as fact? All media portrays subjective material. As consumers of media we need to start challenging and recreating what is presented to us, not just digesting material without criticising or thinking. Something Anderson calls ‘messing with the complacently rational’.

The advice that stood out most to me when looking through students advice was this soundcloud audio clip by krisavball08. This student hands out advice that I personally felt to be very relatable. The three pieces of advice that stood out the most to me was planning, avoiding procrastination and using twitter to solve problems. Planning work is definitely a strategy that I will follow, to me it makes tasks feel less daunting and helps the structure of my work. The advice this student gave on using the Twitter world was something I hadn’t explored before. This will be a great tool to ask questions or provide answers, by simply using a DS106 hashtag it will connect me to other users who are discussing this course. Avoid procrastination; this is perhaps the most important piece of advice and one that may prove to be the most difficul..*loads Football Manager disc*

The course recommended that we complete 3 daily create tasks in Unit 1. I thought this was a great idea as the tasks were quick, enjoyable and encouraged creativity. I used the twitter hashtag from each task to find examples of my colleges creates which helped with inspiration.

Daily Create 1 – Letterhead.


Daily Create 2 – Evil Guinea Pig.

'Evil Pig'

Daily Create 3 – Un-cropped Sign. 'Road Sign'

I used the  twitter hashtag that related to the individual create task to share my work with DS106 colleges.

On reflection I have enjoyed working through my first DS106 unit. I didn’t find the unit necessarily hard, however I found that I had to find the right time to complete these tasks. I learnt that I need to be motivated before attempting to work on the unit, as this open course is about expressing your creativity, which often doesn’t always flow when you want it. I’m looking forward to working through the course, being able to express myself without a strict guidelines of content and time. I’m confident that I will find the time and motivation to complete all units effectively and I feel ready for the next chapter without any major concerns.


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