Unit 3

Storytelling. Automatically this made me think traditionally. I thought of a large picture book being read by a parent to their child before bed. Storytelling to me in its core is telling a story with words, which allows the listener to use their imagination to picture the story. Someone who I recall telling me memorable stories is my dad. He would make up stories of me scoring the winning goal for Manchester United in the Champions League final as I drifted off to sleep, trying to picture the scene. That’s what ‘storytelling’ in its simplest form means to me. However digital storytelling I feel has a different meaning. Digital storytelling I believe is using technology not just words to present and share your story. Whether it’s television, music, film, animation or other media platforms.

Vonnegut uses his dry comedic style and effective use of pauses to present a basic theory of storytelling. He challenges your expectations with humour but also provides a serious definition of how the western world presents traditional stories in its simplest form.


A movie that I thought could be adapted to Vonnegut’s theory was 8 mile. The main character Eminem starts off at rock bottom, he climbs a few steps into happiness, gets brought back down, then finally achieves extreme happiness at the end of the film.

When we were asked to find a digital story I automatically thought of this video my friend had shown me a couple years ago. It includes photos and a voiceover to tell the heart-breaking story of ‘the poptart tragedy’. I’m not sure why I chose this video, it just made me laugh back then and still does to this day. Photos and words put together, making a digital story. Right?


I looked through previous DS106 stories and one particular submission grabbed my attention. The assignment was called ‘Mashup Movie Trailer’. I specifically liked this piece of work and thought the video was very effective as it showed a great deal of creativity. I like the way this student has taken this video and has given it a totally different meaning. I feel like this demonstrates how important the relationship is between image and audio in digital stories, as a change to either can so easily effect the overall interpretation. The arc in this story could be constructed around into levels of dramatic action in the trailer. This could be determined by the tone of the audio or speed of the editing throughout. Similar to a lot of horror trailers the arc is a consistent progression, with the most dramatic content coming at the end. This shocks the audience just as the title of the film is presented, constructing an effective short digital story that makes the audience want to watch the film. I think with this type of assignment is effective purely on its own and could be transferred to various genres, achieving effective results.


Daily Creates –

‘Ransom Note’

'Ransom Note'

‘Blue & Orange Action Poster’

Blue & Orange Action Poster

‘Chunky Heel’

'Chunky Heel'



Tell a story in five frames. No text just photos. Before attempting this task I considered how I was going to complete this task most effectively. To create an effective story without text I thought the photos had to be powerful, being present for a genuine purpose. I decided to create a story based on social media use. This is a simple story that shows the relief you can achieve by not allowing social media to control your life. I enjoyed completing this task, as I was something unique. Storytelling is typically presented by text with accompanying photos. However by using just visuals this ensured that the photos had to be powerful enough to create an effective and informative story.

banner_social_media_generic3021307-inline-fb-likebutton-printpackaging  prison-01 slide_to_unlock_1 6a011571ff676d970b01910413477f970c

After browsing through various peoples blogs using the ‘open ds106 blog flow’ and the ‘random post picker’ I saw some inspiring and influential blogs. When reading other users blogs you realise how important it is that to maintain your audiences attention. The blogs that kept my focus throughout included a variety of content such as video, text photos. I felt like the blogs that grouped its text using titles or bullet points worked best as there were short, snappy and informative. I thought about my own blogging and made notes of the effective techniques used by other bloggers, considering which techniques I found most effective as a reader. It became apparent that including more video content in my own blog would increase its appeal and the occasional table or stat would be useful to help back up opinion. I commented on various blogs using the #talkingopen106 hashtag, leaving short comments offering my opinion.

Overall I have enjoyed unit 3. I found Vonnegut theory to be quite challenging, however after making notes and transferring his ideas to a film of my choice it became easier to understand. I found studying other users blogs and past DS106 work to be very useful. This research has made me feel more comfortable about writing in the future as now feel I have a better understanding of which blogging techniques are most effective.


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